Recently, I was speaking with a CEO friend of mine who was exploring working together on an advisory basis, and he was curious about exactly what I was doing these days. It occurred to me that he may not be the only one seeking clarity.

Since selling my IT consulting firm three years ago, I have been consulting, advising, and coaching several companies. We've been tackling all aspects of revenue, profit, and performance. Whether that is finding new revenue opportunities, reviewing client profitability, clarifying team member expectations, or hiring replacement staff, we cover much of the challenges that business leaders face. I did this all while keeping a low profile in order to have an incredibly flexible schedule so I could be wherever I needed to be within a few hours and still operate my business. I specifically designed my business to fit my personal priorities at the time – spending time with my terminally ill Mom.

Do you craft business around your life or does business control your life?

When working with another CEO on one of my Growth Retreats, I helped him design the ideal work week with the objective of spending more time with his family while effectively leading, managing, and growing his business. As your life changes, so must your business and career change.

After nearly nine months on hospice, Mom passed away in early March. I am forever grateful for the time we spent together reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, feeding her soup, and watching Good Morning America. Now that the chapter of my life with Mom has closed, I can fully put my heart into helping more leaders find success on their own terms with their businesses and their lives.

There is no such thing as life balance. It’s about life choices.

Where would you like to have more freedom in your work week? Where can you take charge of your schedule? Need some ideas? Ask me for a complimentary copy of the Thoughtfully Ruthless self-assessment. Simply completing the assessment will spark ideas to create your perfect work week.