Last week I conducted a private, one-day strategy session with a serial entrepreneur, Jerry. Jerry has built and sold numerous businesses over the years mostly because he gets bored with them and wants to do something else. He enlisted my help to strategically design and build his next business into one that will last through the years.

We began the day with his vision for his startup. To state the obvious, startup strategy is distinct from strategy for well-established businesses. For example, when creating your vision for rapid growth, we focus more near term. Instead of looking out six months, one year, three years or more, we focus the vision out one month, three months, and no more than one year. Additionally, we look at revenue modeling and budgeting. Both of which are important at all stages of business, but more critical in the startup phase.

Looking towards the future, whether that is one month, six months or three years down the road, where do you want to be?

No matter what stage your business or career is in, we look at how you manage your time, energy and resources. Building a business requires an enormous amount of focus, leveraging resources, and keeping your energy level high.

My Top 3 Ways to be Thoughtfully Ruthless with your Energy:

•Start saying no to people who don't energize and inspire you.

•Know what boosts your energy and build that into your day.

•Stop trying to be something you are not; work on where you are now and where you want to be in a year.

Just like Jerry, all leaders run the risk of burnout or boredom over time. Jerry gets bored with the nitty gritty details of building his business. Knowing this about him and not trying to be something he isn't, we designed a plan; hire a right hand, second in command leader who will take care of those annoying details that bore Jerry to death.

Who do you need to add to your team today to create your vision for the future?