In the nearly 30 years that I have been working with and observing exceptional leaders, I have not found a single external characteristic that predicts success. What I have noticed is that the most profitable, fastest growing organizations are decisive, diligent, and persistent. Executives stay focused on the future. Decisions get made. People issues are addressed quickly and respectfully. Distractions don’t consume an organization, but are resolved effectively.

When I met Val Wright and she introduced me to her 2018 Business Book of The Year by Independent Press, Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth, I started to see business growth in a new wayThe secret to exponential growth comes down to leaders ruthlessly managing their time, energy, and resources… in parallel. These strategies and techniques help large corporations like Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks.  They are equally beneficial with small and medium sized businesses. One business owner I work with, has already seen rapid revenue gains by adopting Thoughtfully Ruthless practices like continually upgrading his team’s performance.

That's why I decided to become a licensed Thoughtfully Ruthless Consultant because I now help organizations grow faster by partnering with leaders to create growth through clarity in strategy, operations and people.  I translate the Thoughtfully Ruthless Leadership Toolkit into immediately impactful business outcomes. We take charge of leader's time by creating daily and weekly schedules that fuel their energy. Recently, I helped a business owner design her ideal work week which created an effective balance of face-time with her team, nurturing clients and enjoying her home-life. Imagine how your day would flow if you chose how to spend each hour with intention.

Want to learn more about Thoughtfully Ruthless? Simply contact me and ask for a copy of “Why You Need to Be Thoughtfully Ruthless.” Curious about how well you manage your time, energy, and resources? Ask for the “Thoughtfully Ruthless Assessment.”