Mentally, this World Series, especially Sunday’s game in Houston, has been an emotional tug of war between extreme excitement, raining home runs, and ping-ponging lead changes. I have been a huge baseball fan for years. For my 40th birthday, four girlfriends and I went to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. Growing up in Dallas, I was born and raised a Texas Rangers fan. When we moved to Austin, my sons and I became Astros fans and attended one National League Division Series game against the Atlanta Braves that lasted 18 innings.

Yogi Berra famously said that “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” The same can be said for entrepreneurship. Are you mentally ready for the entrepreneurial long game? Two games in this World Series have gone into extra innings. Nearly half of all the record-setting home runs this series have occurred in the 9th inning or later. In business, there is no downhill side of the mountain, no coasting, no resting. Someone will always be there wanting to steal your customers like baseball players steal bases. Are you ready to go the distance? How do you mentally stay in the game?

Whether you are the pitcher who steps back up on the mound after giving up a home run, the batter who has gone 0 for 6, or the leader who lost the last big opportunity, we all must learn to master the Mindset Reboot. When you restart your computer, everything in memory is completely wiped away and reloaded with a fresh operating system. Do you step up to each at-bat and throw every pitch with a fresh mindset not letting prior performance dictate future results?

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