A CEO client called me last week so excited that her calendar was packed full of appointments with clients, prospects, and strategic partners. I could hear the energy and excitement in her voice and it was contagious. Roll back the clock to early January this year when she shared with me her disappointment that her business wasn’t growing as fast as she desired. In a few short months, confusion and concern were replaced with confidence and vibrancy.

If you compare and contrast where you were in January with where you are now, what changes would people most notice in you?

Have you lost weight, changed your hairstyle, become a little grayer? Or maybe people notice how well your business is flourishing by the amazing vacations you took this year or perhaps they notice your cool new ride. While these changes are important, not all growth and change is so obvious.

In fact, some of the most significant accomplishments we make go undetected by many of those around us.

When my boys were teenagers, one year they would shoot up 3 or 4 inches in height. The next year, they might grow a half inch at most, but they would bulk up. While they didn’t grow taller, their muscles were growing stronger. We grow the same way. Some years we make noticeable changes. Other years we are growing on the inside. Was this a year for learning, taking on a new role, or creating something bigger that hasn’t launched yet? It’s important to inventory these accomplishments too.

Perhaps the most meaningful accomplishments we can make are in our relationships.

Are you meeting with your clients more? Investing more time coaching and leading your direct reports? Donating your time to causes you advocate? How about being in the stands at your child's sporting events or in the audience at school plays? These are what my clients value the most

As the year comes to close, it's customary to reflect on your accomplishments almost like it’s your final exam for the year 2017. I encourage you to ask yourself these three questions for the test:

  1. What have I accomplished this year?
  2. How have I learned and grown as a person?
  3. How have I improved my relationships?

Now share them with a trusted friend or advisor. If you are so inclined, I would love to hear your answers. Send them to me confidentially here.