thank post-it

Tuesday morning I received a text message, "Thanks for the referral." It was such a pleasant surprise because this referral was to a medical professional.  I can't recall ever receiving a "thank you" from my doctor, dentist, or optometrist for sending referrals, so her thank you was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Who doesn't like surprises?

Step up your Thanksgiving. Go ahead and post a general thankful message on social media or write in your gratitude journal, but don't forget the personalized thank you messages. Here are several simple ways to share your gratitude with others:

  1. Text message. The simplest of all methods. It doesn't get simpler than that. Easy peasy!  You can event schedule a 15-minute meeting each week to share your thank yous.
  2. Post-It note.  Who says a thank you needs to be long and eloquent? My six your old neighbor put a handwritten "thank you" on a post-it note on the goods we purchased for his school fundraiser.
  3. Picture. Share a photo of your success with those who helped along the way.  A client sent me a picture of a check he received after landing a deal we have been working on during his coaching calls.
  4. Selfie or Video Selfie. A colleague surprised me with buying lunch even after I ordered to-go dish for my husband. I know I said thank you and the time, but I wanted to say it more meaningfully. So I shot a quick 10 second thank you video selfie with my husband and me. It probably took two minutes but was fun.
  5. Be Specific.  It is so easy to rattle off thank you to a cashier or waiter while going about handling your packages, wallet, and receipts. Next time, make eye contact and bless them with specificity - prompt service, accurate order, attentive service.

Bring joy to those around you by sharing your gratitude with those around you.
Thank YOU for reading, commenting and sharing my articles.