I can’t tell you how many incredibly successful people I’ve spoken with this week that don’t feel successful. These are great business owners growing at astounding rates – greater than 50% year over year, some more than doubling.


Three reasons.

Because it is WORK, you have worked hard the past year to make it happen.

Because it is INVISIBLE. Before you can genuinely feel successful, you have to see the numbers, and sometimes you have to look at it from a different perspective. As silly as it sounds, one owner’s scale on his graph made his 61% growth last year look flat.

Because it is OVERLOOKED. Having labored and hustled with intensity, not seeing tangible results, and not being where you want to be, you have jumped right into 2019 focusing on the negative, what you didn’t do. What you wish you had done. The one client you lost last year.


If you don’t feel successful, maybe it’s because you haven’t gathered and accurately appraised your results. Only then will you sense your victories and propel the momentum into the future.

The process is simple: acquire information, feel the results, and learn.

What were your successes last year?

What were your team’s successes?

Having trouble identifying something worthy of defining success? Ask your spouse or business partner.

Enjoy the moment. Soak in confidence. Embrace your aspirations and optimism for 2019.

Expect great things!