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On my way to the gym yesterday radio playing, as usual, the regular programming was bumped for live coverage of Mueller’s testimony.

Before you stop reading, I am NOT going to talk about politics.  I promise! Stay with me for a moment.

Hearing only his voice, he sounded like Bob Newhart. Whether you know him from his show from the ’70s or as Professor Proton from The Big Bang Theory, then you know when he’s not stumbling over his words, he’s speaking in the same lifeless tone and with little conviction.

Later that evening listening to the talking head analysts, some people have concluded that Mueller didn’t write his report, doesn’t know what’s in it, knew little of what was occurring with his team, and may have been a mere figurehead.  Few people truly know whether this deterioration occurred before or after the investigation.

What I do know is that many leaders fail to recognize and act on the signs that it is time to leave.

There were many times in my IT business that I wanted to sell and let someone else take over the controls. There were times I was bored, tired of doing the same thing. Other times my corporate ADD, changing roles every two to three years, took over. There are a few revealing signs that it might be time to step down and let someone else take the lead.

If you have lost your mental capacity like it appears Mueller has, it may be time to resign. Mental deterioration does not always occur with age. Illness can have the same effects. I see leaders in their 40’s that don’t recall the decisions that they’ve made.

If you have lost your passion, enthusiasm, or energy for the organization’s mission, you need to leave. The people on your team, your vendors, and the clients you serve all rely on you to help them grow personally and professionally and in business.

If you are coasting along, thinking you achieved what you wanted to and have no other higher goals, then it’s time to write that resignation letter. I know it seems self-evident, but many business owners and CEO’s consider the role their final resting place almost like it’s their highest achievement and they have nowhere else to go. And that’s completely untrue. I believe we all have specific God-given gifts, and those gifts are meant to be shared.

Hopefully, none of these apply to you, but you may recognize the signs in someone else. You can help them by gracefully coaching them into their new role where they can share their gifts and renewed purpose.