new school year, school supplies

For the last few weeks, my Facebook feed has been riddled with cute “First Day of School” pictures. I’m sure you have seen them too. You know, the ones that moms and dads post of their smiling kids holding a sign with their child’s name, grade, and date.  Some parents even include things like their favorite color, game, and what they want to be when they grow up. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes. The kids I know love talking about their new clothes, shoes, markers, and notebooks.

When was the last time you were that jazzed up about your business or career?

Every few years of my career, I would get bored and look for a new challenge. While building my IT service firm, I would regularly consider selling and doing something completely different. Ditto for my consulting business. I am always looking for new tools and services to bring to my clients.

How can we approach our businesses with a childlike sense of new school year excitement?

Yes, I know you parents are excited too and for entirely different reasons. However, let’s pretend we are kids and the new school year is starting, shall we?


Get New Clothes. It’s not just a girl thing. Men still read GQ, and The Wall Street Journal frequently reports on men’s fashion.  When was the last time you spruced up your work wardrobe? Want to feel more confident, dress with confidence. Wear clothes that fit and feel comfortable.

Get New Shoes too. Whether it’s a new pump, sandal, or sneakers, new shoes are fun.  If you are wearing shoes from five years ago, live a little and get a new pair. They are likely dull and scuffed. Perhaps they feel like a member of the family, at least get them polished and repaired.

Get New Supplies. Do you geek out on new technology?  Get some new fancy pen like this one, a rocketbook notebook, or a new tablet. You can even go big with new furniture or art. Have fun with this.

Start a New School. Is it time you graduated to a real office instead of a virtual office or your home office? Have you run out of space? Don’t add portables like the schools here in Texas. Look for new digs that make you proud and accentuate your competence.

Use the momentum and energy of a new school year to propel you forward. If none of these ideas generate a spark for you, then we need to talk.