Have you ever boasted about your problem-solving abilities?

I have. I prided myself on fixing things. Even as a corporate leader, I loved diagnosing issues, pinpointing problems, and creating resolutions.

Why do we love resolving issues that your team members, clients, and vendors bring to us?

It gives you a sense of accomplishment like crossing something off your list or getting someone out of your office.

It's easy. We are taught to solve all sorts of problems in school. And it doesn’t take as much energy as driving new initiatives, designing new products, or innovating.

During a recent strategic retreat with an advisory board, one CEO told me, “I’m mentally drained. Let’s move on to solving problems.”

But there is a problem with always solving problems.

It’s lazy leadership.
It involves little to no forward-thinking.
It doesn’t set strategic direction.
It perpetuates mediocrity.
And it won’t set you apart from your competition.

Just like dieters can’t eliminate eating food, you can’t eliminate solving problems. You will still have to assist your team in fixing issues and solving problems for your clients. You have to do it faster and deliberately.

When you are ready to stop wasting time and energy with frequently escalated issues and teach your team how to make deliberate decisions quickly, reach out and I can share some tools that help.

What decision have you been delaying or procrastinating?

Commit to decide right now.

With that behind you, you can take your focus off the problem directly in front of you and broaden your scope of view to the entire horizon in front of you opening your mind to vast options and possibilities. Schedule a strategic retreat either with me or follow this process.