Yes, it’s Monday in case you lost track.

I was hoping to share excerpts from last week’s workshop with you, but someone and I won’t say who forgot to press record.  In case you missed it, I did a completely free two-hour virtual workshop designed to move leaders like you forward, out of the uncertainty of the world, and into possibilities for the future.

Business is personal. More so now than ever. You can read my post from September here. (Re-reading it was a little unnerving given how applicable the advice is while offices and schools are closed, and most of us are sheltering in place. )

Business is personal.

The two are inseparable.

Behind every business, there are people.

And caring for people is what is most important. But you know that. You have been caring for people for a while now.

But who is caring for YOU?

You as a leader in your business, your home, your extended family, and your community.

The path forward begins with your health – physical and mental.

There is a reason that flight attendants instruct people sitting next to young children to put on their oxygen mask first. It’s an automated response. Our hearts are so eager to help others.

Put on your oxygen mask.

Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to be selfish for a minute or two or longer.

What are you doing to care for yourself so that you can continue to care for others?