As the leader of your business, you are the creator, innovator, visionary, chief risk-taker, head taskmaster, and director of the-buck-stops-here.

Here is what else I know:

  1. You are a servant leader.
  2. You are passionate about what you do.
  3. You make sacrifices for your business and your team.
  4. You are overdelivering and undercharging for your services.

Does this sound familiar? I am right about you?

If so, here are three things you should do right now.

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You might be asking, “Who are you?”

I’m Theresa Schwab and I am passionate about helping leaders master the game of business.

What do you do?

I have this really incredible mix of coaching, consulting, and advising in my bag of tricks. They aren’t tricks though. They are proven tools designed to propel you and your business forward creating extraordinary results.

Where do you do it?

When we work together, you and I will decide the best ways to accomplish your strategy and plan. Sometimes, that can be all remote on the phone or zoom. Other times, we decide that face to face makes more sense or even I can tag along with you observing you in your natural habitat.

Why do you do it?

Business is my hobby and my passion. I know, you probably think I am weird, but that’s ok. The business owners I know are incredibly wonderful, giving, generous people. Who serves YOU, the business owner? I love watching you succeed, both in business and in your personal life.

Do you still want to know more about me?

Here are a few random and fun facts I pulled together with a little help from my family:

  1. I believe water has magical, healing powers. Well, not exactly, but that is what my kids think. My first response to any ailment that may have is “are you drinking enough water?”
  2. I was almost a social worker. When it came time to select a major for college, I was waffling between social work and computer science. Ultimately, I chose computer science and have no regrets.
  3. Sweets are my downfall. When I was raising my two teenage boys, brownies for dinner was a thing. I miss those times!
  4. Speaking of sweets, I refuse to use pre-made frosting in a tub. Homemade buttercream frosting is the only thing good enough to put on birthday cakes.  They may not look pretty, but it sure is yummy!
  5. My husband and I owned a food truck … or two. For the record, it’s nothing like the movie Chef. I had to learn the difficult lesson – there is no thinking in foodservice. You just do!
  6. My mom loved reminding me that I snuck out of the house as a teenager. I was rebellious then and still have a rebel streak in me today.
  7. The rumors are true. I am a geek. It thrills me when I can solve something the professional techies can’t.
  8. I started training as a coach in 1999 and thought for sure that was my ticket out of corporate life. Things don’t always work out as planned so my first business was an IT service company that I started in 2008.
  9. I'm a natural nurturer. After selling my business we moved to rural East Texas to assist my dad who was the primary caregiver for mom. There I learned that I am a city girl. Now my husband says I’m “helpful to a fault” so I enjoy not doing things for him anymore. 😊
  10. We have three pets – Fro, a male basset hound, Flo, a female Bassett hound, and Moe, the cat. Fro is short for Fraternity brother. Raising two boys and a husband, I felt like the resident mom at a frat house. And Flo is short for Florence Hounderson. Some of you may not be old enough to get it, but that’s ok.

Street cred it huge, but for those you looking for verified credentials here are a few…

If you are looking for a more traditional bio, here you go:

Theresa Schwab is a growth strategy expert. On the verge of the 2009 financial crisis, Theresa launched an award-winning technology consulting company, which she sold six years later. Since then she has built and sold several other businesses. Theresa leverages that experience to help leaders grow profitable revenue and build teams that scale. Theresa’s clients include businesses ranging from infancy to decades-old firms. Theresa’s corporate experience includes leadership roles at Dupont and Motorola. Connect with Theresa on LinkedIn, Twitter, or read her blog.