Theresa is a wonderful asset to any business, no matter the size or stage of the business. It is common for people to get caught up in the day to day of running a company. Often an organization can lose sight of what their goals are and what their roles in the company should be in order to run the business properly. Theresa understands this struggle and has a technique to help a company organize their goals. Her strategy is efficient as she is aware of the value of a business owner's time. She will take you from big-picture goals and whittle it down to small steps and shorter periods of time. This approach allows the business owner to see what needs to be done to hit the big picture goals without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to all of this, she has a positive and uplifting presence that makes the overall experience productive and motivating.

Katie Rakowitz Time Out Sitters Katie Rakowitz Owner
Time Out Sitters
San Antonio, TX

Theresa came prepared and equipped to make the most of our time and goals.  She asked thought-provoking questions and challenged us to think outside the box about our business. Our time together was efficient and effective.  At the end of the day, we had a strategy and a solid plan to move our business forward in the new year.

Katie Rakowitz Time Out Sitters Katie Rakowitz Owner
Time Out Sitters
San Antonio, TX

Have a success coach like Theresa is something every entrepreneur should have. Being able to have someone who’s been through it before and can apply hindsight gives me the advantage of possibly avoiding some unnecessary pitfalls and stress.

Steve Hendrickson Managing Principal
CMIT Solutions of Wyoming Center
Casper, WY

Since I am in business for myself and I don’t have partners, it’s important for me to have an advisor like Theresa who can provide different ideas and perspectives that I haven’t considered. I know that I can reach out to Theresa at any time for support, encouragement and advise.

I feel that Theresa truly understands me and my circumstances – my goals, budget, my workload, my work life balance schedule. Because of her knowledge of my business, Theresa provides customized, specific advice and strategies to implement. It’s Theresa’s listening skills that impress me the most.

Puja Kandel Principal Owner
CMIT Solutions of West Omaha
Omaha, NE

Working with Theresa centers me. I don’t have to have my hair on fire all the time. Helps me to think more clearly. I can handle the problems around me. I don’t have to be overwhelmed all the time.

John David Kistler Business Owner
J&B Technologies, Ltd.
St Louis, MO

I wanted to drop you a note of how impressed I am with your job recruiting abilities. As you know, and probably more than most, I was stuck with some underperforming technicians that would argue incessantly about how and why we did things and fight every direction change because they didn’t want to change. They would keep information to themselves, and create islands of information that would hurt my company when another tech had to help out and couldn’t because that difficult tech held the keys to the city. Ugh! I was so frustrated!

But after several talks with you, where you literally talked me off of the edge and helped calm me down we gradually replaced both of my high level energy sapping engineers with rock star performers and not only did they start to guide the company forward (almost from day 1!) but they helped improve the whole attitude of the company from “can’t / won’t do” to “can / will do and let’s do it now.” I’m so impressed that I’m going to have you find me a replacement for my tired salesperson who won’t sell so I can really grow my business!

Thanks again for helping me not only get through the whole process, but holding my hand through it! You’re the best!

John K Business Owner
St Louis, Missouri

Since my Strategic Retreat with Theresa, I am more focused, recharged and energized. I am doing more of the activities that I enjoy the most - meeting with clients, and that’s what grows my business.

Shirley Peterson Business Owner
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas